Tips for preparing your home for sale

Inside your home

When potential buyers are walking through your home, they are imaging their everyday lifestyle that they plan to spend in their new home. Key factors that will help this include:

  • Remove any unnecessary and unwanted items/furniture to create a true indication of space inside your home.
  • Ensure that all aspects of the house are cleaned inside and out this includes mirrors, windows, floors, walls, ceilings. Also remove posters from bedroom walls as this indicates tidiness and makes it more appealing.

Outside your home

Making the most of your outdoor living environment is important as it should be attractive to the eye of a prospective buyer. Key factors that will assist with this are:

  • Ensure that the lawns have been mowed, weeds removed, hedges have been trimmed, leaves/ excess grass have been removed
  • Toys and gardening supplies have been removed and put away in their appropriate location
  • If there is a pool, ensure that it is cleaned, on the bottom and top and anything surrounding the pool is in tact.

Tips For Open For Inspection

Inspections are very crucial to the process of selling your home:

  • Ensure that all curtains and bedroom doors are open to create abundance of natural light throughout the house.
  • It is optionally but recommended that you open the windows for a fresh aroma of the natural environment through the home as well as placing a fresh bunch of flowers or fresh bowl of fruit on the dining table.
  • Ensure that all private belongings are placed in a safe and secure place.
  • Market appraisal